Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Nursery.

I don't know if I can technically call this a nursery. It's more like a couple of corners in our bedroom. As most of you know, Houston and I are living in NYC, where space is a valuable and limited luxury. We currently live in a cute little one bedroom, just shy of 800 sq. ft. It is hard to figure out how to squeeze another human int our little space. Luckily, he will be very small. What's harder is figuring out where to put his things. I think we have managed to fit it all in for now. We have a great little bassinet for his first few months, the challenge will come when we have to find space for a crib. We'll deal with that issue when it comes. For now, here are a couple pictures of our "nursery".

We love this bassinet. It belongs to Houston's boss, she was kind enough to let us borrow it. Isn't it beautiful? Speaking of beautiful, do you see that quilt? That was made by my very talented cousin, Adrienne. She even did some hand printing on some of the fabric. We absolutely love it.

This is our cute little Eames rocker. Well, not a real one, but who can tell the difference? Can't afford real Eames furniture. I wish! This knock off looks great, though. Anyway, on the rocker are some cute little friends. See the cute little monster on the right? That is "The Trueblood". He was designed and handmade by my cousin Brooke, who is also very talented and happens to be Adrienne's sister. We were lucky to get so many amazing homemade gifts. I have such talented friends and family.

Next to the rocker you can see the changing table/dresser. For a picture of that, scroll down a couple posts. You can see it's transformation.


Whitney Hardie said...

So glad to see you blogging again! Your apartment is always such an inspiration to me. Very cute and crisp and always so so clean!!

I love the little nursery and I'm sure the little guy will too. All your nesting has really paid off.

Nick said...

yeah! you are a blogger- i had no idea. ME TOO! I can't wait for your little man to arrive. You are going to have so much fun

Nick said...

lol so the NICK comment is actually from Kim. I'm signed into his email...anyways, our blog is

Jamie said...

Everything turned out so beautiful! Love you and can't wait to meet little Atticus!

Adrianna said...

Everything looks great! Where did you find the rocker? I have been searching for an affordable knock off! Oh, and that monster Brooke made is awesome. A family full of artists has some serious perks! Hope you are well. You have been on my mind a lot these past few days!