Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anniversary and Other Fantastic Times

So, though Megan and I celebrated our second anniversary of our marriage last month on the 18th, we're just getting around to posting about it right now. I think a month later is making progress though…we used to take at least four months to blog about something after it happened.

For our anniversary, since we're dirt poor and were, at the time, jobless, we decided to keep things on the DL. We spent the day doing exactly what we wanted, which was to say, not much of anything in particular! We enjoyed a picnic in Central Park, a free performance of Much Ado About Nothing at Battery Park, and then took the (free) ferry to Staten Island because we heard there were some great views. All in all, a great day. Super relaxing and slow-paced. Just the way we like it.

My sisters, Sarai and Riley, came to visit us shortly after for a couple of weeks. It was so much fun! They are a blast and we all had some good times: munched on some corn, had some pizza, and ate lots of cereal. We miss you guys already! Come back to us!

Also, since our last post, a major development: we both got jobs! But since it's a little embarrassing to mention where exactly we are working, we'll just drop a hint now and work our way up to it. Here's a hint: brown sugar cinnamon.

Until next post!