Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hark, a Post!

What's this? An actual blog post from Megan and Houston? Could it be true?

It is true! We are posting once again! And for how long, who can say? Once or twice before we fall off the grid again? Maybe! But for now, you may relish in the fact that we are actually adding some real, substantial content.

NYC! We're actually here and we actually have an apartment. And what's more, it's not completely infested with cockroaches! It's actually a very nice place, and a bit more spacious than we were anticipating—but to put that into context, we were anticipating a 200 sq. ft. studio apartment with no windows and a shared bathroom. Well, not quite that bad, but we were anticipating less than what we got.

So here are some pictures to commemorate the occasion. Not the best photography in the world, but we kind of forgot to take pictures during the day, so the light wasn't great. Anyway, you get the picture. This is what our place is like.

We spend most of our days looking for jobs online, getting to know the neighborhood, looking for jobs, finding great deals for furniture on craigslist, looking for jobs, various errands, and looking for jobs. Oh, and we catch the occasional world cup game online, too (go USA!).

We're living very far north on Manhattan Island, in a place called Fort Washington, but since most don't know the place, we tell them we live in Inwood…or Washington Heights. See, we live right in between both, so we can tell people either. If we want to sound a little "financially secure", we say Inwood. If people are talking about the new smash-hit musical, The Heights, we tell them we live in Washington Heights—the neighborhood the musical is based on—so we can sound really hip.

For everyone else who doesn't live in New York, we just tell them we live in The Big Apple, and we think we sound pretty awesome.

Though we're having a great time here, we miss you all a whole lot and want all of you to come out to visit us sometime soon. Not all at once, because we wouldn't be able to fit you, but one or two at a time would be awesome. And if you do all decide to come together, I'm sure you'll fit in great on the curb outside our apartment building, along with the ferrel cats and the blaring Dominican pop music from the pimped-out cars screaming down our narrow street.