Thursday, April 3, 2008

Megan's Ring

OK, so Megan and I went to get her ring resized and appraised at Losee Jewelers the other day. Last Tuesday, actually. I had checked around town and they seemed to be the most reasonably priced and most importantly, they could get it done in a couple of days instead of weeks. Great. They're even close to my duplex.

We gave them the ring on Tuesday and were told that we would have it back by Friday at the very latest. Friday rolled around and they weren't done. Monday, still not done. Tuesday, they were done but it was a whole size and a half too small! We had to take it back that day and finally got it back yesterday, correctly sized, secured, and shining.

The ring looks amazing. It's shining like the dickens and fits perfectly. Now if we could just get a discount for all the hassle we had to go through to get it back . . . .

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

C.M. Photography

A good friend of ours and a great photographer, Claire, will be taking our engagement photos. Last week, she took some amazing bridal photos of Megan for one of her class projects. Check out the link to see her other work.

Megan looks so gorgeous, really. I love these pictures.