Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So I have had a lot of projects going lately. Here is a little show and tell.

There is an awkward corner in our kitchen that was once a garbage shoot. Now it is painted shut and completely useless. We came up with a pretty good solution for it. Here it is before:

And here it is after our little make over:

We found some chalkboard paint and turned it into a chalkboard. It's really useful in the kitchen for making shopping lists or writing down recipes that I can see while I cook. We also gave our kitchen a new paint job. It's hard to tell, but it's a soft grey blue. It feels so bright and clean in there now. Our whole apartment was a dingy, yellowish, off-white color when we moved in. We are slowly getting around to each room.

I started this dresser a few months ago. I'm happy with how it turned out. We were looking for something to keep all the baby stuff in and after lots and lots of searching on craigslist found this. I love all the detail and it's really sturdy. We were able to talk them down to $75, including free delivery, which was a big deal. It's not easy to move big furniture around the city.



We gave it a new paint job and changed out the hardware. That beautiful quilt you see on top was made by my mom. Love it.

I have a few more projects, I just need to finish getting pictures of the finished products. The baby seems to be content hanging out inside of me (my due date was Nov. 14), so I'll have some time to kill until he decides to make an appearance.

More to come!


Lizzie said...

Love both of your projects! Good luck with baby boy. So excited for you guys. Do you live close to the hospital? I just got to thinking about the logistics of having to take the subway or something and that would be a nightmare!

Megan Trueblood said...

Thanks you! We live about 20 minutes away by cab. Our plan is to call one when we need to go. Shouldn't be too bad. I think we'll avoid the train.

Katie Bevan said...

I love your makeover for the nursery! I can't believe that the dresser is the same one. Wonderful job!

Adrianna said...

Your projects turned out to be so lovely! Good work! My doctor also told me I would deliver early and I totally got my hopes up. I know how it feels. So excited for your little family!

Julia said...

The dresser looks fabulous! I had no idea it was the same one.