Friday, September 3, 2010

Houston's Birthday!

So this post is a little late, but Houston had his 26th birthday on August 17th and we had such a fun day! When Houston and I celebrate, our favorite thing to do is to make no plans at all. We like to play it by ear and just do whatever we feel like. We have found that when we make plans, things often don't go as planned and then we are stressed out and that is no fun. So, when we finished at work we decided to go check out a store we had been hearing about called Uniqlo. This store is awesome, definitely a new favorite of ours. The store here in New York is apparently the only one in the states, so if you want to check it out come visit us and I will take you there. We did some shopping there and got Houston some new clothes, in which he looked very handsome. Then we decided to walk around and find a new restaurant where we could have dinner. We were in Soho, which is a great area for eating, shopping, exploring you name it. We love it down there. Anyway, we came across the cutest restaurant called Epistrophy; picture Anthropologie meets little Italian cafe. Beautiful. The atmosphere was so charming and the decor was fabulous. Also, I ordered some fantastic lasagna, which we ended up sharing because it was so yummy (Houston's chicken wasn't bad either). We loved this little place and we were glad we decided to be adventurous and find something new.

The inside of the restaurant. I love the exposed brick with the beautiful natural wood tables and the great windows.

Some of the decor.

Our cute little oil and vinegar.

Here was our dinner. I love those mismatched plates.

This was the check. I squealed when they brought it to us. Cutest check in the whole world.

After we ate we spent the rest of the night walking around Soho and stopping into any store that caught our eye. Mostly it was just nice to relax and talk and forget about everything else. We have so much fun together. I am so lucky. Love that man.

Happy Birthday Houston!


Bridget said...

I LOVE Uniqlo!!! It was my favorite place in Japan! I can't believe there is one in NYC. How great.

Happy Happy (late) Birthday, Houston! It is so good to hear updates from you guys in the city!

CorieW said...

I would squeal if someone brought me that cheque too! That sure beats Caleb's bday dinner at Chick fil a.

Lanée Jensen said...

Hey I love Uniqlo too, it's all over China!